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Just last week, a friend and I have watched the movie “Kita Kita.” I remember saying, “SAMPU – Sampung baldeng luha ata ang binuhos ko sa pelikulang ito. Patatawanin ka sa simula tapos wawasakin ka sa dulo.” I say hats off to all the geniuses behind this downright plausible film. However, I also want to take this moment to speak to every unloved person who might stumble upon this blog post today. Everyone who has known the pain of being unwanted at times. Every son or daughter that’s probably growing up or have grown up without a dad or a mom because they have made a decision that it wasn’t worth it for him/her to stay around. For everyone who was rejected in a marriage, in a family, in a relationship. For everyone who has been rejected or ostracized or isolated by different groups of people or peers. I want to speak to the hearts of the unloved and lonely.

I want to speak to every man and woman, every boy and girl, who doesn’t get invited to parties every Friday night. Who doesn’t have a seat saved for them at the table at lunch. Who doesn’t get included all the time. Who doesn’t get asked out all the time. Who doesn’t really feel like many heads turn whenever you walk up. I want you to know that God has this way of selecting the ones people end up rejecting. When people say they don’t want you, God says, “I do want you. And I choose you. I adore you. I even died for you. That’s how much I love you. And if you only knew that I will find the good use for what other people wanted to throw away, because I am the God who will make the most out of the situation that other people have given up hope on. I am the God who selects the rejected. I am the God who chooses the unchosen, the last chosen. I am the God of the lonely, of the unloved. And if you’ve ever wondered when will your time come, I say, I SEE YOU. I see you lying there unwanted. I see you being picked over, skipped over and left out. I SEE YOU. AND I CHOOSE YOU.”

If people reject you, take that as a sign that they may be flying too low and you don’t have any business in their altitude because this is the time that God is taking you higher. Some of us, in order to get the acceptance from people, we’ve done some crazy, foolish things in our lives. But if only you have known that GOD CHOSE YOU BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH, you will never settle low. You’ll see fit that you don’t have to win the approval of people who are basically also just trying find ways to see their worth in this world, too. You’ll never let them define you because the perfect God has declared His righteousness as a banner over your life. Thus, you’ll never seek validation from people, things, accomplishments or achievements. Because the truth is, you know who you are in Christ, and you’ll realize that you never have to fight for your place on earth in the first place. You’ll understand that the truth of the matter is, you are already accepted and loved. Because the God who placed the stars in the sky is the same God who knows the depths of our hearts—every filth, every flaw, every imperfection, He knows them all yet He loves us just the same.

And so to everyone who has spent their whole life trying to prove their worth to others, I believe the Lord wants us to know today that no achievement, accomplishment, promotion can ever make Him love us more. And there is no mistake, failure, setback that can make God love us less. No matter what we’ve done or what we haven’t done, because of Jesus, we now have this freedom, the access to come to the throne of grace and experience the greatness and goodness of our God.

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  1. Joseph

    Hi ate paula sna mabasa nyu to..i watched lang knina yan. Hehe thanks kay God kasi ginawa kau channel to bring wisdom and knowledge. Sakto po sken ung mga reaction nyu about the movie. And i pray n bgyan pa kau ni lord ng more wisdom.

  2. Ruth

    Hi Paula, when I read your blog’s my heart melted. Thank God at naging isa kang role model. Relate much sa kita-kita movie. God bless!

  3. Jam

    Thank you ms.paula for the eye opener blog..blessing ka para sa iba and you inspired me a lot.. masarap mag pagamit sa Lord.. Jesus bless you always…

  4. May

    That was an inspiring blog I guess ,because I also experience to be rejected and unloved . Continue to serve God and to inspire more people by doing this act. God bless you and More power!

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