About Me

Paula Salvosa is currently taking up Master of Divinity in Theology at Asian Theological Seminary. She’s getting her formal training in the seminary while she gets to be invited to preach at different local churches and youth ministry groups. Other days, she writes, she paints, she photographs, she blogs, she vlogs and surprisingly, she sings too. These are the moments she lives for. Moments where she gets to give back from what she undeservingly receives from her God. Moments that are purely expression of her faith in Jesus, moments where she can become an extension of His mercy and love. Moments that she can never boast about yet all the more humble her and remind her that it is all by His grace, the same grace that saved her, the grace in which she stands. And basically, she’s just trying to live out the red letters of Jesus. Ergo, all this she does with a whole lot of grace and a venti cup of iced coffee.

My Testimony

Account of Conversion

I was in a very dark place where there was no peace. People were hating me, judging me and saying painful words about me. I was really depressed and helpless.

It was not the first time that I snapped on someone. The only difference with the LRT incident was it was caught on camera and it was uploaded on YouTube. But in all the times I’ve snapped on people, what was the same is the reason behind it—HATRED. Hatred that formed in my heart growing up. Hatred from being left by my mom when I was just a baby, hatred from all the people who hurt me. That hatred in my heart controlled the way I lived my life, the way I responded to people. And that gave birth to Amalayer.

In the video, I came across as that Amalayer girl who was strong and rude. But when you look deeper, what I really was that time is a person who is broken, coward, hopeless and in dire need of help. Hope and help that later on, I found out, I could only get from Jesus.

After the Amalayer incident, what the enemy meant for evil, God turned it to good. I am grateful that despite of being cyber bullied, there were also those who chose to speak life to me instead of distraction, people who went out of their way and told me about God’s love. Because of them, I now have a relationship with Jesus.

Now, who would have thought that the lady who once berated a lady guard at the LRT station and branded by the world as Amalayer will one day become a preacher of the Truth? Will one day be invited to churches to preach the Gospel and share about the love that saved her? Only Jesus can turn a mess into a message and a test into a testimony. And I am a living witness to that unmerited favor called GRACE.

Account of Ministry Calling

It was in January 2014 when I first received the calling to really go full time in the ministry. It was during our annual corporate prayer and fasting in Victory where God has spoken to me to resign from my current job and say yes to His purpose for my life—“to preach everywhere and to testify that Jesus is the One appointed by God to be the judge of all.”

It was not easy, giving up everything—my dream job, being in total control of my life, having the financial stability, etc. Most importantly, telling my dad that I was quitting my job was painful for the both of us. Initially, he was not able to accept it. I was even persecuted by my own family at a certain level. But eventually, because of God’s grace, they were able to fully embrace God’s purpose and later on accept God’s call on my life.

Now, I have gained the full support of my family on being used by God in His ministry and in studying at Asian Theological Seminary where I am a scholar (by God’s grace) taking up Master of Divinity in Theology, (WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT, RIGHT?). They are now actually thrilled with how God has been moving in and through my life. They are not Christians yet, but the fact that they are now supporting me in this Great Commission is already a good sign that the Lord has already planted seeds in their hearts. And I believe that the Lord is also working in their lives on my behalf. That, my friend, is well with my soul.